About Us

Bali Bridal Service by Rebecca brand has been committed researching European history and culture since the moment of establishment, the group of our design team has delved into the long historical European wedding culture. After long period intensively study, we get the inspiration of new technology (Elegance 1320) from its romantic culture atmosphere and the elegance of European Artistic Buildings. The quintessence of inspiration and the true meaning of art are fully reflected through each single needle and thread.Through using this unique technology which combines the support special structure in wedding dresses, the impeccability of fitting shows more perfection of body shaping engineering.


The Small Details

It just as the melodies of nature, mutual resonance the joy and happiness of the pretty bride. In additional, the embellishment of Swarovski crystal, the top level of European imported material, all makes Bali Bridal Service by Rebecca shining as Santa Maria del Fiore, simple and impeccable as a symbol of happiness and purity forever.Like the strings of harp plucked by Venus, Bali Bridal Service by Rebecca not only symbolizes purity, noble, full of romantic myth of the geo-culture, but also the care and strict of Bali Bridal Service by Rebecca team during each procedure.